Old to new!


Lol~ So there’s a great story behind this~ To the left is Gee’s old charm which was batch 1 of my pentapus ninja charms! Of course his jeans completely ate them t.T sooo… recently I made a new and updated version that will hopefully last forever! Forever as long as he doesn’t put it in the wash… run it over with the car… or… well you get it~ xDD I decided to go with a darker color for the newer pentapus because it looked really nice.. before I mixed blues to create a nice lighter version of the navy blue.

Anyhow… I made a nice purple one for my other friend and… in making those I forgot to make a new pink one for myself -.- /fail
But it’s okay.. mine’s still living :3

Oh and I took this while in the car (not driving~) which explains the wierd but kinda cool bg! Speaking of driving… I went to get my car fixed today… the girl that helped me this time seriously made my day =3 Hopefully I’m not getting too happy about something that is not what it seems…. But… if this experience turns out good I’ll blog about it completely~ If it turns out bad… well you can DEFINATELY count on me bloging it later >.>;;

Kay… time for… SEWING! Today? Circle skirt failing -.- Hing. I just wanted to try something different!!!


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