Think… Lucky Star!


Choco Cornet~ Yum huh? At least it looks yum!! No… it was yum.. lol!! Almost sweet bread on the outside… then dark chocolate on the inside~ And if you think I stole this picture off of the internet cause of the weird white floating writing on it… I didn’t. It’s just a clear plastic sheet that was on top of the choco part so it… stayed I guess? I didn’t know it was there when I took the picture lol!

Oddly enough…. I can’t find this in regular stores o.o Like Marukai… mitsuwa… alot of bakeries in Little Tokyo… but!! Its always at the bakery that is located in the corner of the Marukai in which we went to … yesterday! So I finally got to eat it~

Other than that.. today was good!! Had a lovely pokemon maraton because of Gee >.> But it was fun lol!! Thenn… I also worked on y Pichu cosplay during that time! It’s finally taking shape. Know what a really great math equation to know while doing sewing? 2(pi)r = circumference of a circle!! So I had the lovely geometry thinking of the past… actually. I’m surprised… I remember doing simple stuff like this and it was Gee that reminded me of the equation… amazing huh? lol!

Time to continue my pokemon rush!



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