Brightening my day


Manager’s Special at Sushi Boy =3 This was… lunch~ A late lunch… but lunch is lunch! Cause technically what I had for lunch was home-made spam musubi… sounds good right? …. its the home-made part that was iffy xD lol! Well the special plate was good. See all the sauces? One is teriyaki… one is for tempura… one is salad dressing.. and the smalles one was wasabi (for soy sauce!) Now… see.. I didn’t know that. So I almost put wasabi in every sauce (minus the teriyaki) thinking it was soy sauce xD When really.. the soy sauce was in the packets =.= xDDD Well… I like wasabi anyways soo… woo? Lol~!!

Other than that… today was good!! Got to see some new places… thought of new ideas… and got free starbucks!! I also started a starbucks card! With Gee’s money >.> I guess I owe him a bit huh? xDD We’re trying to get to gold standing =3 And because we started a card the guy at starbucks gave us free drinks~ wo! I hope he gets better reviews.. .they were nice… and no, I’m not completely basing it off of getting free drinks.. and a card holder…. he talked to us and greeted us when we came in xD

Annnd… to top it off.f….. I didn’t have to drive today at all? Lol!!! But I guess the next trip is on me >.> Hopefully by then I’ll have my GPS fixed! (Going to toyota thursday!! Please fix it T.T) They’ve given me enough headaches for the past 6 months. JUST FIX IT DANGIT!! …. <3

But. Love today =3



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