Patterns makinng~


A pattern prototype in design and what not. Can you tell what it is~?

Today… I was suppose to work on this and finish the other one but.. someone just had to call me and tempt me out shopping!! Sooo… went to buy stuff T.T and drool over other stuff lol!!

Mmm…. finished getting all the materials for pichu!! And some extra stuff for the prototypes.. I think I’ll get the patterns for pichu all done tomorrow. It’s alot easier to make and plan things out for myself than commissions >.< Did I mention I’m really happy that I do commissions? Like I always regret it while making it cause I have SO much work… but in the end after they send me pictures all happy.. it makes my day =3 It’s better than the Gee who always finds flaws in my cosplays I make him >.> Jerk. That’s why I don’t charge you!! =.=

But today was fun! Completely.. COMPLETELY a girl’s day out lol!!



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