A sneak peak to what I did a few days ago~ They are my Pentapus’ and a whale my sister made.. currently not baked but will be soon! (As soon as I dig up some tin foil >.>) Then they will be painted and given out to some friends for a test drive (batch 1 failed a few months back).

Though honestly… I probably will just screw painting them and buy colored clay. More expensive but… eh. It’ll have to do because the paint keeps rubbing off.

Oh today? Got lazy. Distracted. But I did work on some pokemon ears and what not… while watching.. guess it. Pokemon!! The Deoxy movie~ lol! Tomorrow I wanna watch Girachi? Jirachi? I don’t remember how to spell it >.<;; But I hope to finish the ears and refine my umbreon tail patttern.. and star another pattern which will probably be leafeon~? Hum. Maybe!! <3


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