Green Tea =3


Okay normally you’d see… “Kimikotan” on my badges… but this ALA was a special case~ Since I didn’t know who was going to keep the badge .. we thought of a more.. neautral name~ So meet Matcha~ Who was really… Gee. LOL~ He’s green tea, so healthy.. and makes you pee quickly..? xDD

Oh and if you must know (which you probably don’t) we got the name from the bottle I was drinking out of~


Anyhow… Big news =3 I leveled alot today on MAple… xDD It’s seriously addiction. That and Starcraft still…

Mmm.. I’m getting REALLY fustrated on making Pichu ears!! RAAWRR. >.>;; More picture progress on that later >.> Maybe.. unless I completely scrap my idea (which is 100% done btw) and start over with doing another pokemon like Raichu or… or… chikarita? XDD

Well.. back to the planning board =.= For the ears.. cause you know what? I’m not giving up! I’m not gonna go easy and just do pikachu ears >.>



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