Today was… different! It really was. Above you see Mochi Cream~ It’s a mochi shop thats REALLY expensive -.- Yea… but it was.. okay. We got Double Mango and then Sakura~ You can kinda tell who wanted what xD lol!! (hint: pink =mine) I just.. really wanted to try the place. Honestly.. gelato inside mochi is better… my opinion! I just like it more >.>

I went to ALA 2012 Day 1 today! I actually bought a one day pass… and was only there for like… 5 hours? But I got to check everything out and get a few pictures… but I didn’t get one with the Ezio that I wanted!!!!! T.T Hing. It was… small. I wish I wore soemthing huge and cool cause.. it honestly gets massive attention. But most of the cosplayers think like me, small on the first days cause no one cares! Well guess what… if everyone does that its not interesting =.= I’ll try putting up pics on my coblog~ I wore.. Clannad school uniform!! Why Mmm… cause I finally got a turtle neck for it but I think i’ll be scrapping clannad now… >.> lol!!

Because I went to ALA I’m really looking forward to AM2!! Can’t wait to start selling stuff!! I kind of want to chat with people and what not.. seems fun =3

Alright.. I’m sooo tired. Last two days were on and off headaches and tiredness… no idea why… wahts wrong with me?!



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