soo pink!


Got gifts today!! Actually.. got a day out with the girls xD And we did what girls do best… shoppping~~ It’s funny how we know each other… One is purple, one is white/cream ish, one is blue, and I’m pink! Obviously xD So a little bit of what I got is above in the picture… cute huh~?

Yea like I said.. out with the girls today~ Also did some hair dye-ing (not of my own) I’ma ctually thinking of NOT dying my hair.. why? I kind of like the white hairs… there are only a few strands and it sparkles in the light xD It’s kinda… cute! lol!!

I bought a few things including curry for dinner and a shirt and what nots~ Hopefully I make use of the turtle neck I bought (for cosplay purposes~)   annnd… I got a headache for some reason… hing T.T Didn’t get to work at all with cosplay stuffs. Oh well… hopefully tomorrow will serve to be a good research day~



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