looking sweet


Its the pink blanket I talked about getting the last one of awhile back =3 It’s cupcakes~ So sweet huh? xP Anyhow.. it’s been what got me through this tough… tough winter… >.>;; Okay so its been hot… so what -.- That’s what I get living on the west coast T.T;;

Today… I ran errands T.T Not my errands.. I hate it when its not my errands >.> But hey… that means I get family points right? xDD Jk~ I actually… finished a prototype today! hint: It’s a.. tail? xD
I want to put pictures up of it soon.. but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get around to doing so.. I’m SO behind on updating T.T It’s crazy. main reason why? Starcraft. Plainly enough. And now guess what? Maplestory is having events all week which makes me stay on T.T So… addicting… I haev to admit.. I’m a gaming addict… hing!

On the bright side, going out with the girls tomorrow and I’m actually looking forward to it~ When am I not right? xP



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