Became addicted

…. friend… showed… me another custome map on Starcraft and… ugh! I SO ADDICTED T.T yea… luckily this is a slow paced game and there is a lot of down time for waiting.. okay normally there isn’t THAT much… but as you can see above… I make my mazes… all over the place. It’s really fun to see all the different ones I can do and think of xD Even got my friends to join the randomness~ <3

Anyhow… that’s what I’ve been playing at night… I’m actually writing this up while making/playing another maze lol!! It’s fun =3 and every time is different cause its all luck… so its even better!!

Oh today? Food… walking… driving… singing day! It was fun~ But back to work!! Work hard play hard right~?

Oh!! I sent out the commission too =3 I might decide to start posting them up on my cosblog … maybe. just… maybe~



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