Woo~ Ringing in the new year right~?

At least that’s the saying I hear.. alot. Great things today! I… finished the commission completely! Now all I have to do is pack it up and ship it off~ I hope its good.. .but I always think my work is kinda iffy… on the inside. Outside though usually looks pretty good~ Then I also started AA table prototypes! Don’t know what I’m really talking about? Check out my cosblog –>

Other than that… I had to listen to the constant hum of Little Big Planet 2 in the background all day.. like literally all day. It was from 1pm to 11pm… and then they only stopped cause it was their bed time.. xDD Whatever… today I played a tower defense game on SC~ It was a gem one. Apparently… my mind can work to make elaborate and confusing mazes xD It was fun… I so want to try it again!! Yea.. so SC stole like 4 hours of my day >.> I’ll work on the prototypes tomorrow!! T.T;;

Actually I’m really excited for these prototypes~ The sooners I get patterns out, the sooner I can get my sister to work =P Jk~ I’ll probably be doing it all myself T.T hing!



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