The best mode~


Okay I never really got to blog about this but… isn’t this smexy?!?
Above you can see the January 2012 edition of Cosmode which was an awesome Christmas gift/B-day gift.. I guess xD I’ve looked through it twice and now am working on going through to read and examine everything oh so carefully~ xD

It’s exciting!! I have some more cosplay news but… I’ll start with the bad ones….

I’m not going to ALA this year T.T Why? Nothing to wear! Lol!! Well I guess I could go for a day to hang around and about but… I wouldn’t be satisfied with an old cosplay or a mini cosplay… it… its just not right!!

On another note. It’s pretty much set that I’m going to AM2 in the Summer and probably a day or two of AX~ Yep. Changing things around this year! Why? Cause they shouldn’t be the same as lasts >.<;;

Well… I’m offically food deprived… time to go hunt!



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