Black Bird

It took me the past maybe… 3 nights of reading manga in bed or like an hour or two to start and get completely caught up in Black Bird~ It’s… it’s such a girl manga xD the whole forbidden love and what not… irresistibly hot guy… the special girl everyone wants… you know~ But I like it cause there is drama, romance, fighting, and all that lovely stuff to keep me entertained~ Now what is weird is… my sister is reading it too. It’s weird seeing that she’s already in HS…. it’s really hitting me that… its HS! You remember things from that time… I do…. and man… not very proud or happy about some of those times. At all. But they were essential to making my life how it is right now!

On another note. I’m trying to change my drawing style to address… showing off the clothes more. It should be interesting…. I’ll get working on that tonight! Since I have no more manga to read >.> err I’ve been on a choco spree and tea spree! I need more of both………

Commission that I’m working on is finally taking shape! I’m happy with it right now. Should’ve been done today but I’ll have it done by the end of the week.



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