Shiny Paper


okay apparently brother didn’t actually get me just socks for Christmas… he also go me this beast~ See, all you see is a shiny piece of thicker-than-paper that says Karma Koin. But to me…. to me it is a gateway of buying things on my lovely game: Maplestory.

Sorry my updates have been kinda bleh. Last night I got a horrid stomach ache and I think I started to get the cold cause blankets were doing no justice to the shivering inside of me. Therefore, I was in no shape to update. I’m better today, wo! Got a alot of sewing done.. not quite done yet but… for the most part I am? Mmm…. that’s about it.

I promise to find soemthing more interesting to talk about T.T Hey. If you want something interesting, I posted on my cosblog not too long ago~ =3 Check it out if you want~



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