Santa babeh~

=3 So fitting to have this song stuck in my head for the past TWO days!

“Hot Pink!”

(They sing that in the song if you didn’t.. watch it lol!) Yea…. I like SNSD singing it… it’s nice with the fobbiness xPP

Today was fun~ I got treated at lunch by a person that… wasn’t suppose to. lol!! But I really like the place we ate at! CocoIchibanya~ Great curry place, even better? The mini meal filled me up o.o So I am really happy, I wanna go there more often if I feel like eating out but not spending a lot of money. It really.. shocked me. Also its next to my favorite bakery sooo… even more incentive to go more often!! =3

The project I’ve been working on with her for the past 2 days turned out really cute, I’ll put up pictures on my cos blog most likely~ It’s… kinda opening me to something new! I want to make a hoodie inspired by it now xD Just… a bit different~

Other than that… worked on commissions and started to watch season 2 of How I met your Mother! Lovely huh. Funny stuff xD

Well, enjoy the song~ (YAY CHRISTMAS SOON!)



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