Smexy DS & Santa?!


now THIS is a smexy beast!!! My friend got it and me, gee, and Hea kept trying to take it away xDD I really.. really want it… but I actually would want a regular black one more and I’ll bling it up myself with more than just an emblem… yea… I’m fancy xP

I really want a 3DS, it’s what I told ‘Santa’ for chirstmas this year xDDD Granted… Santa probably won’t get me it but.. meh. It’s okay~ At least its in santa’s mind.

It’s odd.. I don’t think I really believed in santa… ever. I liked the idea of him. xDD I dunno how many kids really believe in santa… why do parents try to get their kids to believe in a fat guy that brings them gifts if they are good? Heck.. kids even if they are bad gets gifts! Interesting huh…. I don’t know if I would teach kiddos in the future about santa… that’s iffy. I think Chirstmas is just the time to give~ And be nice!!

Today was productive at least. Got base patterns for the commission done and the pettocoat over skirt cut out and ready to sew for tomorrow. I was going SO well doing that until my mother turned on the tv -.- SO DISTRACTING! Hing.



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