Culture trip


Okay I’ll have to admit… someone is awesome >.>;;

Not going to explain what it is… just know it’s awesome. LOL~ <3

Today was fun~! It was a .. culture trip today~ Got to see some new sights… check out some things we really want.. and take some really cool pictures! It was great cause… hey… who doesn’t like being able to shop for cute things and listen to people playing violins live? =3 It was nice cause it’s like going into a new world ~

Tomorrow.. might be another day out! Not sure yet o.o People don’t talk to me apparently >.> On the flip side.. cosplay for AX is coming into planning mode VERY soon. Right now it looks like 2 1/2 ballgowns and then a mini avatar cosplay… Diao Chan.. as much as I want to make her I might not have the time o.o OR the money, I’ll have to see. She has an EPIC costume sooo… if I do it, I want to do it right.

Kay… did I mention I stayed up to 3am playing Starcraft? Dang my friends T.T



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