It’s cute, not to eat.


I love exploring day~ =3 Today though… was quite different from the normal ones…

Above you can see something really cute~ It’s a little Tea/bakery/market place all squished into this very narrow shop. The stuff in there was extremely cute but it was so crowded I was afraid to move around =.= So we just bought the macaroons they are known for and got out of there!
….. I gave them the benefit of the doubt as I read reviews and it was half half. Some liked them, some didnt. I have to completely go with the ones that didn’t. I’m not an expert on macaroons but… these didn’t even taste good!! =.= I was sad… so much money spent on something I couldn’t even finish …. >.> It was disappointing. Oh not to mention the area around there scared us o.o

But on the creepy side, there was an antique shop next to the place and we went in there. Took forever to get out cause it was really .. long o.o Found some cute things, some creepy things, lots of creepy things….

Oh back to the macaroons! Only liked …. 1 really. Maybe vanilla. Gee picked raspberry out of the batch, though his is also a maybe. Well anyways, we know to never, ever, go there again T.T Cute. not worth it at all. So instead next week we’re going to get TEAAA <3 Tea never fails us~ (okay… sometimes.)

I was so excited for macaroons too… T.T
Oh the next disappointment was Mochilato’s house special =.= That’s for the next post! Toodles~



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