I know it’s blurry but… like it? It’s actually my new card! Umm.. like credit/debit kind of card xD It’s the account that will be mainly for cosplay expenses xD Kinda cool though no? It’s actually a bit lighter than I would have liked but… it works! Lovely story on this…
I worked on an image for the card for about… 2 days. And the first two he thought were completely ugly -.- go figure. Well… I have to admit.. they were not pretty at all. So after making such fugly ones for an hour or two he finally said “jst give it to me” and this beast popped out~ xD And it didn’t even take him that long!! I guess that’s what compells him to do the work I asked him in the first place to do… uglyiness. =3=

Today… ugh. I played my Christmas present… that’s what =3= So… good… can’t help it… I <3 Protoss!!! LOL~ A to the Geek~

Break is over… actually felt like a long break o.o time to get my butt whooped at school lol! (by classes that is… unless some new bully comes along >.>)



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