Choco chocococococococo~


I love it when my brother gets too full to eat everything he buys so he brings home food here and there xD Its amazing at the life style differences we have… then again, he has money -.- Mine apparently goes to everything fabric! T.T

But above is one of those cute parfaits that Godiva has on sale right now. They are.. actually pretty brilliant. Something new but.. not? Since instead of a truffle, its just layered. I personally like truffles more xD Forgot the name of this one, just remember it has coffee and choco in it. Good enough right? xD

I actually went to Godiva today to spend the $5 off, so I got something $10 just because I liked the box. (its the star one!) next time though.. if I have like 3 bucks to spare I want to get the pearls they sell… the dark choco mint looks yummy o.o Granted its just balls of choco in like tic tac form but.. hey… still is yummy right? xD Sure…

Mmm…. I also had 2 hours to make a cute little doll house kinda thing on Sims where the back is actually all windows so you can see in it! Cute huh? xD I should’ve done it more strategically where there it should have the 1/4 cut out… hum. maybe next break lol!



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