Not for Walking


It’s raining today… and not to mention really really cold. But I manage to stay warm with the one item of clothing I love wearing in the winter time, boots =3 I really really want another pair of boots this friday >.> yea… I think I’ll be spending a bit more than I probably should.

(The day I wore this I got more people talking to me o.o It was… really odd. I’m hoping its just because I’m approachable? Lol!!)

I am …. 95% done with my hoodie!! I should really finish it tonight but the serger has already tried dying on me so… I’m tired of it =.= I also have to get out of the house. I can’t spend the break at home anymore T.T It’s… going decent for being the actual first project I’m trying out with the serger… It’s… there’s a lot of mistakes but hey, its a first time for everything xDD Next hoodie will be a lot.. better made. Though granted, this one can actually be washed!! WO! I’ll show pics of it tomorrow most likely~

Oh. Also this is my 5th cup of tea lol!!



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