Oreo Tempura Ice Cream!


Yea… title is exactly what it is!! This is the lovely Oreo Tempura Ice Cream! The little things on the sides is the oreo that is… I guess deep fried if its covered in Tempura. And in the middle is green tea and vaniall ice cream! Take a bit of that on the oreo and bite in? It’s like a brownie xDD So it was yummy, I had 3 of them >.> Cause Gee and Hea are whimps!! Hea wanted to not be so unhealthy and Gee was poking at it like “ugh”. Yea. I only ate the rest cause I paid for it.. plus it wasnt that bad. Unhealthy? Yea. Worth it? YES!
(NEXT TIME: green tea and red bean shaved snow!! PROMISE ME! -you know who you are-)

 Oh… so this is the fun part. We all got Chef’s special rolls =3 You know.. celebrating the Thanksgiving break =3

First one is mine. Which I liked decently. It was Sunkissed I think? And it was… alot of salmon! Which I love so.. it was yummy =3 On top is actually the skin of salmon that was cooked so it was really crispy, I liked it. Couldn’t finish it though. (The salmon part).
Underneath is what Gee has… it was spicy!!! But I thought it was cute that they tempura-ed a pepper (jalapeno? ).
I’m not putting Hea’s up cause I’m… pretty lazy. But here’s a link of her Sunset one.

That was the lovely highlight of our day. Then went shopping and boba =3 Way to splurge right? xD


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