Tried a new sushi place that got some great reviews on Yelp today. That and boba that was buy one get one =3
Anyhow the sushi place… I forgot to take a picture of the food >.> But it was yummy!! I’ve had this calamari craving for awhile which was satisfied today! ^-^

Hea had some lovely Mahi roll… Gee had a crunchy roll (no shock there) it was pretty fatty for a 6 dollar roll though.. definitely more than they gave us at Sansai.. same price too! Then theres me who got a $4 Calamari Tempura appetizer (yay for just wanting my calamari!) and that was pretty good. So I’ll definately be going back there.. why? All of that ended up to be $20 flat so… I take that as a win for the most part xD

Other than that… both my arms are sore from badminton… annd… I took a test today I’m so scared to get the results back from xD luckily tomorrow is my ‘chill’ day for the most part. I get to go to a club meeting~

Pretty good day though..! I got a lot of stare from wearing my skirt and socks today… >.>;; Not my fault I ran out of pants people!!



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