Smiles!! That’s the way to go in life =3 Why spend your time moping around?! Then again I had that period in my life where I did mope around for awhile.. but aside from that… it’s like… WO! LIFE! xDDD

So this pic above was taken at the greeny place at school..I was on the hunt for ducks lol!! But there were none T.T I blame the cold…..
Man today I was uberly lazy. I need to do more at the gym… maybe I’ll go on the treadmill or something… cause actual running sucks… but it feels nice. Its… I really need to do more working out. I want to keep my shape >.> winter cosplay season is coming up very soon and I need to fit in.. what.. a ballgown?! yea… I hope this works >.>

The things I do for cosplay.. at least it keeps me healthy? xD



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