Music Search!! (pon?)

This.. is a very strange video. I was shown it by a friend but I just found it again while browsing youtube for some new music. Today’s search for music? Japanese xD I need more Japanese music… I wanna see if some new artists came out that I will really like… cause right now I have a whole buncha favorite korean artists which are going Japanese… but there has to be a new Japanese artist out there that’s awesome!! T.T I found SO many …. background music ones.. like the songs you forget are on while listening to them? This song’s artist reminds me of Ayumi xD Which is why.. I dled it xDD Oh.. I know how to find more music!! I think its time to make a trip to Mitsuwa =3

On another note. Today was just catching up on sleep honestly… sleep and some homework. But I AM in a designing mood so I’ll probably spend the rest of my night sketching something interesting or something I want to make =3
I’m planning on making my doggie something tomorrow, and probably doing an inventory on fabric. I want to see if I can also make a skirt just for the heck of it xD



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