Pink pool~


Who was the genius to name billards pool and a swimming pool… pool. =.=

Anyhow… LOOK! Isn’t my OMGpop pool board so CUTEE~~? xDDD
And you can see my pink stick that I bought… and the line that shows you where the ball is going… SO much easier than real life.

As I thought. Turns out real life pool isn’t so bad~ For actually first time playing a game against friends today… I think I did decent. I owe it all to omgpop pool~~ hehe. =3

It was fun. Lost one (Gee has a habit of hitting the black ball in…) and won one (and once again he hit the black ball in? XD) IT was fun. The girl I met today and played against with my other friend was entertaining… really entertaining. Kinda weird at first. man am I awkward with people >.> My gosh… just making life interesting I swear! xDDD

I learned a lot of interesting things today too… and some really should give me insecurities or loyalty issues with guys lol!! That… was interesting. Kinda.. makes me want to cover up more honestly. LOL!



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