Full of eevee


A good… half of my day went to re-making an eevee cosplay for a commission! It was… pretty relaxing actually… probably because it was nothing new for me to stress about so I was just going through routine xD I did get to experiment anyhow~ That was fun. the Serger? Amaazzzinnnggg =3

It’s about… midnight when I’m writing this… starving. Why? Cause there is barely any food in my house!! T.T It’s so saddd… >.>;;

On another note, someone is learning an instrument.. and I told my brother and sister. Guess what they did? Just gaped at me. Lol!! But it makes me brother want a guitar more thats for sure. It would be a change from his endless gaming cycle >.>

I was also really really annoyed at the kiddos today. My sister included. Why? They left a big wet pile of trash in the middle of the room!!! =.= excuse? “I can’t find the pan” …. so…. be creative dangit!! Use a piece of paper =.= or SOMETHING. or hey.. look for it? =3=

Aw crap… I register for classes in 2 days and I haven’t even planned it out… I know what I’m staying up doing tonight!! T.T



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