IT’s tea… really!


I swear it’s not beer!!!

But Gee thought mine tasted a bit like beer… I have no idea what he was talking about -.- It’s TEA!! =.=

So we tried this new place near school because we decided to explore! =3 We found a Tea Lounge that has a HUGE selection of teas with combinations I’ve never even heard or would have thought of. We are both tea lovers so.. wo!
The drinks you see up above … the lighter one was mine. It was called “Geisha Kiss” which was basically jasmine tea and.. green I believe? While the darker one was “Emperor’s Jewels” which was Gee’s. It… was a bit more fruitier?   If that even makes sense lol!!
But all those glasses… each cup was about 4-5 bucks. And the second cups on the sides are refills. The ones that are a little  filled and all the way on the sides is the sweetner. Cause I guess here you have an option to sweeten it yourself? That’s REALLY nice… I like playing around with it xD Plus we got some sandwhiches and salads.. it was nice…

Anyhow.. that was the bright point of the day I suppose. Did a little … shopping? Gee got to see how much padding really is in the bombshell xD I wonder what a guy might think after seeing that on a girl.. probably something like “Its all fake?!??!” /dumps. xDDD …. aww that would be so sad… lol!

Now time for some sewing work!!! While watching movies and tv shows >.> Shush. Don’t judge how I work. It.. works? lol!




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