Did I ever mention how much I hate bunk beds? It’s just compacting space and making another person sleep above another… I don’t like it >.< But that’s what my sister and my cousin has to do. I feel for them. xDD

So today and for the rest of the week it’s going to be purely commission thinking. Two commission up my sleeves that look like will stick with me untill the finish (okay one will be done this weekend). It’s going to be something… new. I don’t advertise my commission-taking but it’s there if someone really wants a commission from me. I like taking commissions but I don’t want too many or else it just gets overwhelming >.< That and I want to focus on making fashion and things for me =3

Today I drove a nice little way to get fabric… darn you fabric stores!! Stop being so far away T.T It was well worth it. I spent more on this commission than I would have liked but… ugh. Can’t do anything about it when I’m short on time.. T.T

I got a huge craving for.. .bread or something of that sorts… so I went to pizza hut on the way back to school and bough bread sticks xD It was well worth it lol!!

Pictures at night are very interesting.. .though apparently thats the only time we get pictures! Gee… we need pictures in the daytime -.-



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