More than this


to you this picture may not seem like much… but to me? This is the start of some cool ears =3 Yes. That’s right!!

That and… I SERGER CAME IN!!
I played around a bit with it cause I was home early today (impromptu dentist appointment >.>) It’s cause I slept last night and woke up and my temp crown was… gone? Ahaha >.>…. LOL I ate it. =3 I like eating okay?!?

Anyhow.. so I sat in traffic and all just for that. It was okay, my car is comfy~ Lol!! Umm.. what else…

Oh! I’ll be updating my cosplay blog soon with my serger stuff. But I’m throwing personal thoughts and random stuff on here! Yep! Like today… both Gee and Hea were reading their books they brought.. but I left mine at home T.T (HEATSTROKE~!!) Soo… I read the serger manuals I brought with me LOL! They kept saying how geeky I was T.T But I was so happy when reading it.. it was fascinating. So fascinating I got both of them to look at it and go “ohhh…” Accomplishment there~

Okay… time .. time… time to PLAN! -cosplays-



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