Rawr Roll


RAAWRR~~ Guess what kinda roll this is~? Well here’s a hint: The rawr came from a Tiger xP

Wow lucky guess!! It is a Tiger Roll xDDD
For every $50 doallars you accumulate at Sansai your able to get any kind of bowl or roll… so go figures Gee gets something so fancy xD Heck.. who wouldn’t right? Is it kinda sad we were able to get to $50… >.> Naaaw~~ 10 weeks into the school year and we finally spent $50 there… do I tihnk thats good~ That’s seriously now one of my favorite places to eat >.> They’re so.. so perky there!!
(Unagi/Fresh Ell rolls <3)

Anyhow I seriously have to stop spending money… >.> Or make more money.. lol!! I go for the latter~~~

Ever played badminton? Yea.. decided to play today without stretching first. Bad idea. Wrist hurt T.T And now my right arm is like… dead. I can barely lift my phone without it aching. Yea…. hing T.T



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