A way to be productive

Well… she definitely does more than what I do in a day! Lol!! Even 15 minutes.. I wish I could clean up that much in 15 minutes >.> Okay… she did more in that day than I do in a year =.= But hey if you want to be productive? Be locked in a tower for 18 years!

Well I’m putting this up cause this is what I was singing all night today so far >.> xDDD It’s REALLY fun to sing, so much I think I hurt Gee’s ear~ Yea… I started to watch Tangled AGAIN when I finished my article analysis and terranova episode >.> Tuesdays tend to be a… watching day =3 I don’t know why… lol!

Today was… okay. I’m working on cosplay =3 Yea I also have a test thursday (which I will kick its butt!!) and two tests next week.. at the beginning of the week. Yet I also am getting my serger soon so hopefully after those 2 tests I can start working on something!! <3 I’m SO excited. Wanna know my line up?
1. Hoodie.
2. Re-do of Ash… completely =.=
3. Some old projects or starting on Saber~

That’s it for now. The first two I HAVE to do though. okay.. Ash could probably wait but… I’ll probably be using it as a ‘practice’ for the serger =3

Working on the new commission I received!  It’s… actually really creepy to look up reference pictures for it T.T Hing.



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