It’s a trend thing


Hunny Bunny failed at being a ninja xP

So the real purpose of this blog was suppose to be a “daily life of a cosplayer” kinda thing… you can see how that went out…. I just rant about my days and little tibits that happen. But cosplay.. sewing.. and designing in general i actually a huge part of my day. Everywhere I go I see clothes and think “wow that’ interesting” and what not. I’m not into trends but I did notice that… stores can sell anything … and I mean anything and it will sell. cause let’s face it… anything in ‘trend’ is whatever is sold in those ‘popular’ stores. They have models who are hired to wear the clothes and girls think its in so they get it too. Then a fad happens and what not…

Meme. That’s all xD

Back on topic… I want to go back to putting up cosplay things and thoughts but I have my cosplay blog for that too.. I wonder if I can merge it? Ugh. I dunno…. I’ll leave it alone for now.. Maybe I should stop posting everyday? It actually is quite stress relieveing (unless I don’t know what I post then I just frantically look for something lol!)

Time to finish up some cosplay documents. Yea. I have documents. Hard core huh? =P



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