Can I make?

Because just seeing it isn’t enough =3 I have to write about it!!

SNSD’s comeback stage!! <3 This is the second video, the first is of Korean Mr. Taxi.. they are sparkle monsters in that video xDD Anyhow…

JESSICA <3 I absolutely LOVE what she’s wearing in this and… not surprisingly, it looks like a design I have~~ I actually love what they are all wearing… Soo’s outfit is really cute too =3

Can I make Sica’s outfit? I want to…

Don’t they sound so great live~? I actually like hearing them more live… .its nice =3 WAY better than when they first started (which seems right… they have lots of experience now)

Okay promise I’m done spazzing =3

(time to go to the dentist!!! xDD)



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