enjoy with..


“Enjoy with beer”
“Enjoy on watching tv”
“Enjoy on picnic”
“dietary snack for women”

Ohh.. I absolutely love asian snacks =3 This is for… strips of seaweed btw. Really.. sweet and yummy seaweed >.>
But lets break this down. Beer. Apparently seaweed goes with beer first and foremost. Then tv… which I actually did today xD Picnic?! Kind of random isn’t it?
Oh this is the best part… dietary for women… cause its not “enjoyable dietary for women” its just.. dietary.
I just think this was interesting xD

No.. this is not what I ate all day today lol! but I did manage to finally finish that site for my brother and got to watch some terranova and avatar. Oh and spaz more for SNSD (as you can tell in my post before). I feel sore though… result of badminton apparently lol!!

Ahhh… I cant wait untill I get my serger =3



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