Bring them out!

Girls bring the boys out!!

Which.. I think girls can do just fine~ And it IS what we tend to do anyways right? xP

I’m SO excited about SNSD’s new album coming out!! Which should be on sometime this week =3 This video? So smexy… It’s in English!! Why? Cause SNSD is going ENGLISH!! Kind of excited for it but at the same time.. I don’t want them to get more hate from the cruel Americans -.- Yea.. I said cruel. People here can be mean o.o
And I don’t want my girls getting hate >.>
Sica <3 Yuri <3 … Makanae!! Lol~~

Yea.. this is my little spaz. I’ve been replaying this over and over for the day. I can’t wait!!! Oh they have a korean version of a teaser too xD


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