Plain food


Dinner. Yea.. that’s right. Tonight for dinner I had rice and seaweed -.- Theres.. nothing I can even cook!! So.. I’m reduced to this. Yea.. I probably could’ve heated up some ravioli from the can but.. meh. That’s honestly not even filling eating a whole can and it’s what.. 2 servings? xD

Today was lovely~ Okay not really. I think im getting food deprived -.- Today I didn’t eat anything for breakfast.. had 3 chinese apples on the way to school. Oh and half a danish between my 2 classes. Then… mooched off of Gee’s food~ Oh then finished the rest of my danish!! Yea… that lasted me .. what.. 10 hours? -.-;;

OH! TERRANOVA! I watched the first episode today!! (first 2?) it was.. so.. so … so good!! Hate to agree with Gee but it was -.- Watch it if you have the chance!! I have to get up to date with Nikita too >.> Kimi ni Todoke season 2 has been out and I really need to start watching that too <.< Gaahh.. so much to do.. MORE TIME DANGIT! … or less school work xD



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