Loli loli~ hair!


I so wanted to keep this hair.. Lol!! Isn’t it so.. so.. koreann..?! Reminds me of… 2ne1~ The song Lolipop with 2ne1 and Big Bang!! But I’m really sad that big band actually… might.. break up!!! T.T That’s sad.. Big Bang was the group that got me into kpop and I STILL listen to their songs =3 It’s.. addicting!! Ohh.. the day if snsd disbands.. that will be a very sad day…

Mmm… today was lovely!! I went to a little meeting thing for a Disney program.. I actually really…really want that internship… and it seems like a huge opportunity for me to get out and live the college life in new ways! I’m excited… =3 Cause it seriously is perfect for me… I should just move to disneyland lol!!

And… I went shopping today cause I had the urge to.. not sure why. But I only bought.. socks? I wanted more necklaces and all!! Ugh… why is gold in.. I like silver!! Hing -.- Trends.. >.>

Decent start to my week! Postponed tests and things to do!! And so much.. much… learning!!



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