2nd teaser!!

SNSD’s 2nd teaser!!! I’m so excited =333 Sica looks SOOO cute!!! ^-^ Yuri is smexy too… Oh and Sunny looks kinda weird with the new hairdo o.o But it… it works….
I seriously… have nothing to post about other than this apparently!! Lets see..

My house is getting revamped. Okay not house but.. backyard? Lovely how family members come over and we put them to work xDD wooo free labor! Lol~~~ But its been kinda crazy around the house…

This week seems.. like an interesting week. Some tests. Some… food? Some….. fun!! Well every week is usually fun =3 College.. why do people hate it? You just need the right people to enjoy it with ^-^ The crazy and dorky way is the best lol!!

Mmm…. Oh!! SNSD’s album is getting released the 19th!! How fitting~


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