yogurt became cute


SO HAPPY! I feel like a kid again~ Someone had a craving for Yogurtland so we went!! And I was happy because they had green tea again =3 That’s sooo yummy. Love it~~ That and taro~ Anyhow. Obviously the main point is the spoons~ I had to specifically ask for a pink one >.> It’s cute!! How could I not?!

Obviously I like.. pink. That’s pretty clear right? Well a friend just had to point out that I am.. very pink. Like the things I have. My bag.. folders.. pencil case.. pencils… DS -.- I… actually didn’t realize I was so pink… that and my cheeks are pink >.> I’m just matching myself!! Lol!! Its all because when you go buy something.. you tend to buy it in the color you like. Who knew I really did buy so much pink xD Hey if I had a choice that white wouldn’t get so dirty.. I’d be very white with a hint of pink everywhere~ Talk about girlie xD

Currently working on 2 resumes at the same time. It’s crazy how.. both can be so different since they are for different jobs o.o;;



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