Some kinda creature


Gee. Trying to get away from me taking a picture!!! (I’m jk.. I think this was at a gas.. station? lol!!)

Since I have no idea what to talk about I guess this would be a good time to talk about this insanely amazing mysterious… creature. Yea.. I’m probably just doing this out of kicks.. but what I say is pretty true. Let’s start with insane.

Remember when you were younger and the other kids made you either smell.. glue, sharpie… nail polish? Or maybe you liked the scent of gas stations. Take that lovely feeling and you get Gee. Multiple it by 5 and you get him on a day he has chem lab or is extremely hyper. This still amazes me.. how someone can be so.. so hyper. So… insanely hyper. So insane that not even passerbys are safe from what he does. What makes it worse? Me and Hea =3 Us 3 together drives old hags mad!! xDD LOL~

I don’t really have to get into the amazing part right? Right. Cause you know why he’s amazing, cause I’m amazing!! =PP

Mysterious in a… lovely kinda way. It’s probably the ‘guy’ complex showing through. Don’t want a guy too girlie… cause you know.. the girl should be girlie enough for a guy. I really shouldn’t say that because I’m taking women studies and… yea the whole stereotypical gender thing. See I have some guy friends that are a bit too.. .girlie. Okay they arn’t girlie, more.. sensitive. I’m not saying its bad for a guy to be sensitive.. but I don’t really like having the pressure of watching what I say to a guy just because I’m scared to hurt his feelings -.- It’s also because some people don’t take my sense of humor that well.. which I don’t understand why. Where here Gee and Hea magnifies it and thus making a joke last over days. That’s right, days.

And I just HAVE to say creature because…. it’s just fitting xDDD

Okay I’m done.. cause todaay was just THAT boring. T.T Okay not BORING.. just… a routine day, that’s all~ No day is the same, its nice =3



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