Restaurant Bringing Memories


Shaved snow day =3

Gee took me to a really yummy Shaved Snow place (Yes snow, not ice). It’s called Class 302! See the desk in the picture? It’s like.. an actual desk!! lol! Very small and cramped place.. but the shaved snow was amazzzinng. Why? Cause of the texture… the condensed milk made it awesome too. And the best part? Watching Lion King in 3D right after!!! Someone went absolutely crazy on that.. but it was a really fun movie to watch =3

I have a really gross bug bite too… T.T It’s really sad…. and bothersome. I hope it goes away soon. Comon body… work against it!!
Anyhow. I want to go back to get more shaved snow =3 The green tea one looks SO YUMMY. While sitting there I saw them come out with about 5 shaved snows? Crazy… absolutely crazy. But I can’t decide if its better than the shaved ice at mochilato’s… but if those two merged it would be godsend… LOL~

Okay.. I’m done spazzing~ I also got to eat some rawr tea pieces at Teavana and Gee got some rare blend..  I REALLY want the tea from there.. and the cup.. I’ll get it!! probably… hmm.. im thinking next week? =3

I also bought some clothes >.> woo gym clothes!!


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