ruffles in the lab


I know its a really bad picture but can you tell what I’m trying to show off? The white coat~ It’s actually a lab coat.. and not even my coat! But it was tightened so it would fit me and the back had such nice ruffles that I want to make a lab coat type dress now >.> Nerdy much? lol!

I went to the dentist today!!! It was.. quite the trip..? xD I got a quote on what I need done and it got me very annoyed… But I probably wouldn’t have went if Gee wasnt there >.> Most of the attention went to him luckily xD
But I did buy a cute pink mouse today for $3~ It works nicely too =3 Somehow I was able to put up with my group and apparently I make employees life hard…? Lol!! I thought it was interesting … oh well.

Hey look… I think I want food~



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