Free food!


Man I feel so unhealthy. I decided to be cheap and get carls Jr for the past 2 days. Why? It’s incredibly cheap and its.. filling. So how did this start? Well I have the Carl’s Jr Rewards App on my phone which lets me check in whenever im there and I get to spin the wheel that lets me win things. This week I got lucky and I can get a free original six dollar burger as well as a famous star with purchase.
Anyhow.. its nice cause I just go in… and get free burgers… at least for this week xD The spinning wheel thing is completely on random but I DID win one of those big prizes before so I know its not rigged so badly. It just took.. over 200 check-ins >.>
Anyhow.. if your strapped on money… free food is the way to go!! Now why can’t Panda Express or Subway have that.. lol!!!

So I feel.. kinda gross from eating it two days in a row. Yea.. I had the whole rice and veggies as lunch and what not but still…
So I’ve actually been drinking a whole bunch of water to try to get it out of my system xD
And my teeth hurt again…. >.>

Okay… time to do something.. that wont suck up all my phone’s internet T.T
Oh.. and I wouldn’t recommend falling asleep in class. Its gross when you wake up to find the professor staring at you T.T


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