Sushi Craving done~


I seriously dub Fridays food day~ That makes sense right? I mean… there IS a restaurant called TGIF and that’s just begging you to go there Fridays xD

So me and Gee went to try out this new sushi place that opened up close to school. It’s really modern and I like it alot o.o We got the Tiger Roll (which was YUM!) and a bento-type box consisting of chicken and gyoza and salad… You can see it in the picture above~ Guess what it looked like afterwards?


Beauty huh? Man it was … actually really good!! The Sushi place is called SanSai. I like it.. will probably go again if I have a sushi craving and don’t feel like driving 20 minutes away xD

Then since today was such a brain dead day for Gee… I didn’t get to watch the movie I’ve been delayed 3 weeks!! T.T ….T.T!! hmph. But its okay >.> We got food =3 And a.. book? lol!!

Oh… just to make you jealous…

Rasberry Gelato~ And my Tiramisu Mochilato~
Yea that’s right. Drool =3

and omgsh were cupcakes always so expensive?! It was $3 for this little cupcake!! I’d rather spend it on a slice of cake >.> But that’s probably my preference coming out xD


(And seriously Gee, eevee photoshoot dangit -.-)


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