Hoodie Takeover


I drew a quick sketch of a hoodie I want to do later. Not for myself most likely but for my little cousin xD She loves hello kitty and this is based of the concept of it~ I don’t know if you’re able to see it but.. hey hopefully I have the extra funds to try making it~ I’m going to go into making hoodies!! Yay right? =D I think I want to cause it’s widely loved and I can still have still creativity with it. Heck… I can have all the creativity I want!! =3

Hey on the bright side I was able to finish all the base pages for the website. Tomorrow I’ll be going through programming T.T Wish me luck!!!

Isnt it annoy when youre looking for something in your house and everyone you ask says its somewhere different? I’m looking for the 3 hole puncher and I’ve gotten different responses -.- So after looking I concluded everyone was wrong and it no longer exists in the house xDDD Great huh. ^-^;;

Got pocky today~~ Havent had this beast in awhile. Some yummeh pocky. Hey… who remembers the Pocky game~? I remember making my two awesome friends play it again each other… btw they were guys =P That took a lot of convincing lol!! (I’d link the post to it but… lets not relive their embarrassment >.>)


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