Make a dip!


Ah horrible photo skills if my brother’s hand somehow got in there =.= Fail. xD

Had a “snack” at CPK today. Got the artichoke dip (which got devoured by the kiddos) and my favorite pizza there so far which is the California one… Sorry I don’t know it’s full menu name…  But both were good!! I really.. really liked the dip. My brother said they must’ve put more sugar in it or something cause the kiddos were eating at it like no other. It was decently sweet.. probably why I liked it~

Other than that snack for the 5 of us … I went to Kohls to get a free item of clothing xD I just picked out whatever… I didn’t really feel like spending any money so it took me awhile. Then I also went around the mall which I never do. It was odd.

Something else that happened… mm… Had some Young Coconut juice today. Not a huge fan but its.. refreashing~ Not so bad every now and then.
There’s also something kinda wrong with me today… xDD



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