Who knew…you?

I’ve noticed that I change with different people. Naturally I’m guessing. You kind of … mold yourself a bit to fit in with different types of people! I’m not saying its like a completely different personality but it’s kind of like.. inside jokes? You can only do it with certain people xD

Oh the song? You-aholic by SNSD~ Love the song…  =3 I can’t help it if I’m a tou-aholic!! lol~

I don’t think the video is really related but.. oh well. they don’t have a music video of it so that’s kinda sad. But they do have a Video is Bad Girl and that’s a nice one. Well.. not the video so much but the song xD

Went to the gym again. Bad idea to have in n out beforehand.. it didn’t really affect me as much as.. sprinting did. It felt.. good to sprint a lap but  man did it get to me xD Should’ve done the walking lap -.- All I remember hearing at the gym is “sloosh slosh” from my tummy with a lot of water in it xDD Yet now I’m drinking oolong tea and it’s making my mouth dry o.o

Anyhow… gym!! Need more >.> And I joined a club today~ wooo..? wo.



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