Nom Thai!

*Not my picture… for once. xD

So today was another school day! It was kind of hard to wake up for it but I  managed xD Highlight was the people I met. I got to met 2 friends. One.. ran from Gee .. >.> And one kept fist bumping him -.- But that was hilarious

I had Pad Thai … for the first time ever. xD It was good. Apparently it was sweeter than normal but I liked it that way~ For a 6.25 plate… the … generous tip made it jump up a few bucks it seemed.. >.> Some people really like to give generous tip, me? Well I need any extra dollars T.T Or else I would!! I really would >.>At least I GIVE tip lol!!

But I forgot how entertaining and.. informative it was hanging out with some friends. It made me want to.. learn some bigger words. Normally i’ll learn them and never get to use them because most people don’t understand it but… now I wanna crack open a dictionary. Lol!! Anyhow… school day. Wo!

Stay in school kids. So entertaining xD



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