so… much

My newfound dresser =.= Lemme see if I can find an old picture of what it used to look like… Okay can’t find it >.>
Anyhow this is what I was left with when they gave me a new dresser.  It’s just a huge mess.. I’ll get to cleaning it up later >.>;;

Today was… chill. Got to do a lot with finishing up the website and what not. Played some Maplestoryyyy~~~
Annnd… ah crap. Have this weird pain but I wont go on in complaining about it. I think I did enough already xD

OH! Mommeh made home made eggrolls =3 they were SOO yummy. I can’t wait to have them for lunch >.> Shrimp rolled… nom. yum!
I also watched the finale of Master Chef finally. Eru’s a jerk for ruining that for me -.- Never talking to him again when I’m watching a food show >.> meanie…

Anyhow.  school is tomorrow. Tata~



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